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Hailing all the way from the City of Angels, Amiri Divine is a multi-dimensional creative, the creator of Thru Divine Eyes, the Co-Founder of The Elevator Creative, LLC, and the Co-Creator of The New Knowledge Podcast. He is fascinated with film, music, sports, video games, spoken word, and more. However, photography has a special place in his heart. Amiri describes a camera as the gateway, pass the walls of reality, into the world of imagination. He invites all to join him on his photography journey and create unique moments that can be shared amongst loved ones. 
TDE photoshoots are collaborative processes between creatives that spark inspiration and innovation. A TDE experience guarantees a time full of smiles and laughter. If you are interested in booking with Thru Divine Eyes or purchasing TDE prints, fill out the information on the contact tab or click the link below. 

“God creates the beauty. My camera and I are a witness” 


Shot by Coleman Gipson

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